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Frequently asked questions

How long it takes to build an HTML email using the Studio? 

The development of a sophisticated email takes two to four hours. For comparison, a developer would more likely take two to four days for the same result!

Experience has shown that the first email created with Studio takes more time in order to get used to the program.

Can I integrate the final email into my client for sending the newsletter (e.g. MailChimp, CleverReach)? 

The integration is very easy - just upload the final ZIP file into your client or copy the HTML Code in a program of your choice.
Often placeholders are also used to personlize the email, e.g. #firstname #lastname. You may add them already in your email in the Studio.

We need help in creating HTML emails from our design / designs. Can you support us? 

Yes, please write a message to info (at) responsive (dot) email.

Will remain free after the beta is finished? 

In the long term the platform needs to generate an income in order to cover all costs. For example the HTML code regularly needs to be updated, so that emails are displayed error-free in new email clients.

Most likely there will be a freemium model after the beta, thus a free acocunt with basic functions will remain. All customers will be informed in time about any change.

How long the beta will last? 

The beta will last at least until end 2015.

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